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I feel terrible.

Only one week left until exams are all over but I’m already on the edge of crying. Every single day. It’s annoys me so much. It can be a song, it might be some text message from my friends..& when I’m not crying I feel like charging up for another possibility to cry. I guess it’s because of the stress I endure right now. Six days & three exams left. It feels like I just don’t have any energy left so I need to force myself into work. Trying to sleep long doesn’t really help either. If something’s not going the way I want it I’m already crying. Crazy..

So today I read the new Naruto chapter. I cried of course. I still cannot realize Neji’s death. Yess, why are all my favorite characters always killed off?

Later I decided to make a break to watch the new “Amnesia” episode. & all the time I wondered why the heroine didn’t even want to cry. Me in her place I would cried my eyes off because life is such a bitch to her. So you see my condition is really bad & I cannot wait for Tuesday to come when I’ve finished all this shit so I can get drunk again. I really need that right now.

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